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At Mr. Handyman, we take great pride in our ability to create enchanting outdoor spaces that perfectly balance functionality with aesthetic appeal. This case study serves to highlight a particular project that perfectly exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions, financial responsibility, and masterful craftsmanship, specifically in the realm of Sunsetter Awning and Deck Installations.

Client & Project Overview

Client: Monty Hoeflein
Location: Cedar Springs Dr., Tuttle, OK, 73089
Scope: Sunsetter Awning & Deck Installation
Budget: $800.00


Understanding the Client’s Vision

Monty Hoeflein envisioned an outdoor space that was both beautiful and practical. His metal building, located in the peaceful setting of Cedar Springs Dr., required a professional touch to install an awning and deck that would withstand the elements while enhancing the property’s visual appeal.

The Challenges We Faced

Achieving durability, aesthetic integration, and staying within the $800.00 budget while incorporating features like a wall mount, right motor, hood, wireless wind sensor, and spacers presented a unique set of challenges that required creative solutions and skilled execution.

Crafting Solutions: The Mr. Handyman Way

Strategic Planning
Our experienced team conducted a thorough analysis and developed a strategy to ensure precise wall-mount installation and the structural integrity and durability of the 20 ft 10’2″ metal building.

Material & Technological Integration
Despite budget constraints, we managed to merge quality and technology, ensuring all components, including the wireless wind sensor and motor, were of the highest quality, providing automated and resilient functionality.

Aesthetic Harmony
We worked to ensure that the new awning and deck didn’t simply act as add-ons, but instead blended seamlessly with the existing structure, maintaining aesthetic fluidity.

A Successful Conclusion

The project concluded as a stunning blend of aesthetic beauty and functional excellence. Monty was presented with a Sunsetter awning and deck that not only enhanced the visual appeal of his property but also incorporated intelligent technology to improve usability and durability.

Client Testimonial

“The service was impeccable, and the final product was outstanding! The team at Mr. Handyman brought my vision to life, transforming our outdoor space while adhering to the budget. Their dedication and professionalism were evident throughout the project!” – Monty Hoeflein.

Marrying Aesthetics with Durability

At Mr. Handyman, we strive to go beyond the ordinary by combining quality with affordability. Regardless of budget, every project is undertaken with a steadfast commitment to precision and quality, resulting in outcomes that are not only satisfying but also long-lasting.

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