Sunsetter Awning Installation by Mr Handyman in Guthrie

Nestled in the heart of Amsey Lane, just a stone’s throw away from the iconic The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Guthrie, Mr. Charles Rothermel’s residence stands proudly. In pursuit of enhancing his outdoor living space, he enlisted the expertise of Mr Handyman to install a stunning 20-foot Sunsetter Awning from Legacy Awnings. The result is a beautiful amalgamation of style and practicality.

The Challenge: Navigating the Complexity of a 20-Foot Installation

Project Specifics: Dimensions and Constraints

The prospect of installing a 20-foot awning is undoubtedly a daunting task. Traditional installation methods simply wouldn’t suffice, and the team was faced with a myriad of logistical challenges – from the transportation of the awning to ensuring its secure and stable installation.

Our Approach: Merging Craftsmanship with Cutting-Edge Technology

Solution: Harnessing the Power of Specialized Tools

Understanding the intricacies involved, the Mr Handyman team incorporated the use of advanced lifting equipment, specifically designed for such installations. This innovative approach not only streamlined the installation process but also ensured a precise and secure fit.

Detailed Execution: Turning Mr. Rothermel’s Vision into Reality

Pre-Installation Analysis: Evaluation and Strategy

Upon arrival at 117 Amsey Lane, the team conducted an exhaustive site evaluation. This involved examining the wall structure, identifying suitable anchor points, and meticulously planning the awning’s layout. The final blueprint was then drawn up, with a keen eye on achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Implementation: A Masterclass in Precision

Armed with a detailed plan, the skilled craftsmen at Mr Handyman went to work. Their methodical approach ensured that every aspect of the installation, from the fastening of bolts to the tensioning of the fabric, was carried out to perfection.

The Investment: Unparalleled Quality at an Affordable Price

Mr. Rothermel’s investment in this project ranged from $435 to $675, an exceptionally competitive price for a project of this scale. But this was more than just a purchase; it was an investment in top-notch quality, stunning aesthetics, and a vastly improved outdoor living space.

Outcome and Feedback: Far Exceeding Expectations

Project Impact: A Magnificent Transformation

The installation of the awning has completely transformed Mr. Rothermel’s outdoor area, providing him with a cozy, sheltered spot for relaxation, while also significantly elevating the aesthetic appeal of his home.

Client Testimonial: Praise from a Satisfied Customer

“Opting for MrHandyman was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The new awning has become the crown jewel of our home, a testament to their unmatched craftsmanship. A big thank you to the entire team!” – Charles Rothermel

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